Sign Your Name

The assurance of our name when we wanted to do banking or any legal transaction was our signature. Print your name but your signature was unique and considered secure. Now we go online and put in our email but rather than a signature, we have a password. Our password makes our identity secure. We can use that to sign in to many different accounts such as email or creating documents. We sign in or log on to our life. Where we used to work and live was all on paper and in the mail. Now it is all digital. It is basically the same thing with a different system.
Who are we? We can create an identity in several different ways. It used to by the people that know us but now we can do that digitally also. With Facebook, Instagram, and other hashtag formats we can create what we want the world to know about us. Of course, we only show the good pictures we want people to see. We are safe behind our screen and we can make comments about anyone or anything. If we want our feelings to be known, we can even leave and emoji. It is all a superficial picture of someone who isn’t real.
Jesus gave something better than a signature or a password. He lived what he believed. He let his actions and words show who he was. He lived on the initiative of God and did the things pleasing to God. He showed what faith was like even in the hard times. He showed faith when people are constantly coming and life is way to busy. He did not live by his culture or the urgent, but by the principles of God.
When we live on purpose, we know who we are and what we believe. We live those things out in daily life as we encounter different situations. When Jesus spoke, he would always do what he said. He did not exaggerate or over-promise. When he told others what to do it was something he was already doing. He shared what worked for him as followed God. Our signature or password to identity is an authentic life. We do what we teach. We live what we think. Put up or shut up. We are the illustration of what it means to be people of faith. That gives the greatest witness to God. Sign your name to what you believe.
Thursday, January 18, 2019

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