Sharing Jesus

Watching the advertising on TV we can see an actor telling us what a great product they have and the sale that currently gives us a great deal. There are two reasons why this is effective. The first is we seem to like to have products that famous people are using. The second is that the actor appears to really get a lot out of using his favorite product that has changed his life. The truth may be that the actor doesn’t use the product and doesn’t like it at all, but because he is a good actor, sales are high. We tend to buy and believe what other people believe.
People will follow what someone else believes. Because Jesus’ disciples believe Jesus is the Son of God many people followed them. They were not acting or selling Jesus. They were explaining their faith. Jesus had an impact on their lives from the very first time they were called. They left everything to follow him and every day after proved that was the right decision. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, it was up to them to share Jesus with the world. In each generation after that we struggle with the way to share Jesus. What works best is when we share what we believe regardless of the method we use to share it. The fact that we speak from what we believe and from personal experience allows other people to see what it looks like when Jesus is part of their life.
The first part of sharing Jesus is to check our own faith. We speak from what we believe, and we don’t want to convince people of our doubts. When we truly believe something, it is easy to talk about. It changes our life and we can talk about what God has done for us as experience, rather than a theory. Jesus redemption by his death on the cross is not just a theory or unrelated doctrine. It is what we believe and live as redeemed people. Our life is different because of Jesus.
We are sharing a person not a theory. Christianity is a way of life, but it is based on a person. His teaching becomes our learning. His passion becomes our goal. His humble attitude of service becomes our example. His way of looking at the world and helping people becomes our attitude. The more we share Jesus the more we realize who he is and what he has done. The more we learn of him the more we become Jesus to the world.
Friday, November 9, 2018

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