Point of View

Point of view is very important when we are trying to make sense of our life. We don’t see things the same way as we did when we were a child. Relationships and activity we thought were easy back then are much more difficult. Some things that were difficult then are easy now. If we are used to driving in a large city, we don’t like the traffic, but it doesn’t bother us. If we have never driven in a big city are completely overwhelmed by the cars, lights, exit ramps and one-way streets. Simply by living in a small town we become unable to drive in the big city. We can learn, but that will take some practice. From where we are now, we get nervous just thinking about it.
Sometimes we find ourselves in places that are difficult to overcome. We may have never intended to be where we are but because of an accident, a disease, a failure, or just not paying attention, we understand life in a different way. Some may find it difficult to walk but they still have the basic needs of living. They find a way to cope with the situation they are in. They will have limitations on what they are able to do but they can still live a good life. Those are just basic things about travel that make us see life in a different way. There are also spiritual things that change the way we see Jesus.
If we did not grow up in a Christian household, going to church may be completely unfamiliar. Things like prayer, communion and even the songs may all seem foreign. If we did grow up in a church it could go two directions. We may love worship and being with Christian people. We also might have had a bad experience with some other Christians and now we don’t trust many of them. The way we perceive our treatment in the past has a lot to do with the way we see Jesus. Even in Jesus time people had difficulty with God because of the way the Pharisees and scribes acted. They flocked to Jesus, but the Pharisees did not lead the people to be close to God.
We must overcome our past and the place where we are now. Life has a way of leaving marks that influence the way we think. The one talent man in Jesus parable was afraid of God. The man who was able able to walk in Acts 3 was so overjoyed that he couldn’t contain all his praise for God. So do we praise God or are we afraid? Do we think God will help or do we fall into anger or despair because he is not fast enough? The more we trust and worship God, the more we know him and understand him. Sometimes our world is so dark we aren’t sure he can still hear us. That usually comes from someone who hasn’t worshiped or connected with God in a long time. If we worship, pray, realize blessings, talk with other Christians openly about Jesus then we will keep a good relationship with him.
Friday, December 7, 2018

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