Plans and Accidents

We had made reservations to go camping back in May and now it was December. It turned cold but we still spent a few days out camping, hiking and enjoying nature. We still had a day to go on our camping reservation but it was going to rain so we packed up the camp early that morning. We were out for a last hike when my toe caught a rock and I went head first into the ground. It was an easy trail. I’m still not sure what happened. Suddenly the plans for the day fell apart. The gash on my head was deep and was still bleeding. We continued down the trail and ran into an EMT who looked at the wound and said it would need stitches. We spent the rest of the afternoon getting stitches at the trauma center.
The main point of the story is not the accident or how it makes us feel stupid when we stumble. Plans don’t always work out like we expect. Even if they don’t work perfectly at least plans are adjustable. Without making reservations we would not have been able to go camping. Some things we just don’t get to do without a plan. God had plan from the beginning for his creation. His plan was to make us pure so we could be with him. We are born without sin or separation from God because of any fault of our own. God also knew that we would not stay sinless and so his plan also included a way for us to be forgiven of sin because of Jesus.
If we had not adjusted our plan and packed up early, we would have had a problem. It didn’t prevent the accident or the trip to the emergency room. It did make it better because it rained all afternoon and we had everything put away. It was easier to just drive in with all the camping stuff because it had been packed. That little bit of work earlier made a huge difference in what would need to be done later. When we do what we should or follow God’s commands it makes a huge difference in what comes later. It doesn’t prevent tragedy from happening, but it does make it easier when tragedy comes. We see so many around us who have ignored God’s plan until it is almost impossible to help then when tragedy strikes.
If we had never gone camping or hiking the accident would never have happened. That is not true. We cannot avoid accidents by not participating in things. It just means the bad things will happen wherever we are. More accidents happen at home than anywhere else. We cannot avoid tragedy by not being involved in living. Living for God and being engaged in life is part of God’s plan. We are to tell others about Jesus and how God heals from tragedy and grief. God’s plan is not safety but salvation. The Bible is full of tragedy surrounding the gospel because people of faith followed God’s plan. The plan brings salvation to a life worth living regardless of any tragedy. If bad things are going to happen they might as well be while living life to the fullest.  
Thursday, January 3, 2019

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