God’s Promises

Promises are hard to keep when circumstances change. That is why we should not make promises lightly. Promises are for the long term. They are about the person we want to be and what our life is about. We make promises when we are young that will last a life time. We promise a spouse till death do us part. We promise 30 years to pay on a house. We promise years on an education to take the classes and then to pay for the classes we took. All of these look forward to the life we want to have later. We imagine our life will be good with one person in our own house with an education.
When God makes promises they are for eternity. His promises are about who he is and what will happen for the long term. His promises at the time are also about what he wants to see long term. God starts making promises with us very early. After the flood he promise not to destroy the earth with water and that seasons would continue to happen. We may not have considered that those things wouldn’t happen but since we have God’s promise we can be sure. Even if it seems summer will never end in Arizona there will come a time when it is cooler.
God’s promises are also best for us. They allow us to be where we want to be. They are secure, and we can depend on what he has promised. He planned to send his son from the beginning of the world, but we can see his promise carried in our time. Since we know his promises have proved true over so many years we can be sure about the next years we have. The future it is not a guess and left undecided if we take advantage of the promises of God.
God promised that his chosen people would be cared for and blessed. At times they chose not to be part of his promise. Promises must be followed. We must always be there for the spouse, make the payments on the house and complete all the classes to get the education. Even then, we have to use the education before it is of any benefit. The same is true of God’s promises. We live as people of faith with promises from God. We value and use his Holy Spirit. We take advantage of the salvation he offers. We pray to him before he answers. We worship him before we can have a close relationship with him. We can have a great life in the promises of God.
Terry Friday,
October 5, 2018

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