Don’t Accept the Knockoff

When we can’t afford the real thing, we can sometimes buy a cheaper version called a knockoff. It looks like the real thing, but it isn’t the same quality as the original. It was made to keep the price down but give the appearance that it is expensive. The problem is, it is not as good as the original. Why would anyone buy something that doesn’t work as well? We don’t want to invest that much in it.
God is perfectly good and will not tolerate wickedness among his people. Sometimes people are looking for a god that doesn’t require as much. They want a god who will let them do what they want. That god isn’t as good about loving and caring for them. He doesn’t heal or comfort, but he lets them get away with things. His commands become suggestions that they can keep or ignore as the situation allows. They don’t have to invest that much time or commitment and they can still fill that basic need of worship if they want.
Why would anyone want a god that is powerless and ineffective? We feel the need to answer the question of meaning and existence, but we are satisfied with a substitute god who has no plan. He allows us to do what we want until we get ourselves in trouble and call on him. Kind of like a neighborhood watch instead of the police. They can’t arrest anyone, but we feel safer if someone is watching. We feel his presence in a distant way so he is not in our business.  We can still feel good about a higher power but most of the power we recognize is about technology.
We make God too small. We settle for a god barely able to help in this life because we have a hard time imagining a God so far beyond us. Creator of all things. A god who conquers death. A God who loves even enemies. A God who plans over thousands of years with billions of people and he gives the possibility for every one of them to be save regardless of how good or bad they are. It is all about how good he is. He could tell everyone of us how to live a better life if we would listen. From creation to eternity he knows and is in every thing, event and shapes the future so that every last person alive today has the chance to be in heaven with him. If our God isn’t even big enough to tell us what to do, then how is he big enough to handle the plan for eternity, space, time, love, grace, justice and relationship?
Thursday, January 11, 2019

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